Birds of Prey

It’s colourful, it glitters and it has an Egg Sandwich! Soooooo that has been the fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn…. As usual I haven't seen a trailer before and therefore I went in without any expectations. Even if I wasn’t overly excited for this movie since, I was so massively disappointed by Suicide Squad, I’m happy to announce that this movie worked pretty well. It’s not a revelation to the business, but it’s definitely worth watching!

Anyone who wants to criticize the feminist touch of the movie should consider looking up the word “emancipation”, which appears in the title.... Because Harley Quinn is definitely a movie that breaks with some visual habits we are used to when we think about comic book adaptations, as well as superhero and actions movies, which are for the most part dominated by a male cast. And this is what feels a bit strange at first about this movie, and I’m saying this from a cinephile point of view. We’re so used to certain standards of portraying women and men in specific movies or genres that we seem to forget that women can easily carry an action movie pretty well all on their own.

Yet it’s hard to describe the feeling I had while I watched this movie. It felt girly but never too much and it was relatable – as a girl you can’t say this often, when watching movies like Iron Man, Batman... you name one... Those are good entertaining movies, but do I feel connected to them?.. Nah not much. With Harley Quinn it's slightly different. For one, Harley and all the other girls look normal, not running around half naked or over dressed with tons of makeup. Just some (almost) ordinary woman, who love to have fun, are sick of being told what to do, or see their achievements taken by a man who then get all the credit, who love some good unhealthy food and who can definitely can kick some ass, not just as a sidekick. The action in this movie is beautifully choreographed and edited. Though I thought that some music choices they made weren’t always the best.

Personally I would have loved if the songs would have been more adapted to the cuts and the camera movement or the tempo of the action sequences. So visually speaking they were almost perfect, but the sounds could have been better overall. But that’s just some nit picking I’m doing here.

The major issues I had was the storytelling and the introducing of all the characters. I was immediately reminded of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ because I had the same problem with that movie. Too many characters you don’t know who need to have a proper introduction so anyone (like myself) who never have read a comic book would understand who they are and why they end up together as the “Birds of Prey”. The more characters, the more flashbacks, the more confusing timelines…. and voila you’re standing in front of a little mess that makes it a bit harder to really feel for any of the girls or to be really invested in the story. Ewan McGregor as the villain is fantastic but I couldn’t help it but only picture Sam Rockwell when he appears on screen (if you see the movie I think you know why). It really kept me slightly distracted and I started to wonder if Rockwell might have been a better choice….? So I, for my part see some weaknesses within the storytelling ,but it doesn't keep you from enjoying this one - “Birds of Prey” became a fun time movie, that offers great action, a fantastic female cast ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead is outstanding, absolutely loved her) and an awesome soundtrack. Forget about the Joker I want more of Harley and I do hope that it gets a sequel!


Written By Maddy (Filmaddy)

Josh Says
Birds of Prey is like a mashup of Deadpool and Kill Bill, but not really in a good way. Don't get me wrong, it's fun and poppy in the right places. It has peaked my interest to see what comes next in this planned trilogy, and I hope they concentrate more on the pack, rather than just Harley.

After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord.

Release Date:
5th Feb 2020
Run Time:
Mind Over Mayhem
Cathy Yan
Christina Hodson


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